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We provide innovative, people and technology-based solutions to a diverse range of organizations, including public housing agencies, non-profit entities, and for-profit companies in housing. Our deep expertise spans compliance and program management, talent optimization and training, operations support, and asset management.

Our collaborative, hands-on approach will equip you with the necessary tools to streamline processes, maximize resources, and achieve optimal outcomes.

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How We Got Started​

So many companies have a story of how they started from a “big idea”; this big idea of how they wanted to become the best, or provide “that” solution, or change the world in some grand way. That’s not how AMA got started. AMA Consulting Group, LLC. started with a desire to create small yet meaningful impacts within their community. Ironically, those small impacts are what led us to all those “big ideas” and innovative solutions.

AMA has been recognized by many as a top provider in the nation. We have developed several original and formative technology-based solutions. And best of all we have helped thousands upon thousands of families in need, along the way.

From 4 To 400

In 2015 AMA started with 4 individuals who were called on to help a housing agency improve programs for families in need of housing assistance. A request to help families and a necessity to do so in an innovative and efficient way is what actually birthed AMA Consulting Group. From there a collection of challenges followed up by premier solutions, set the blueprint for rapid growth and operational excellence, which became signature for AMA.

Diversity of Thought and Presence

A certified minority and woman business enterprise, AMA Consulting Group was founded in Central Florida and has locations in Puerto Rico and Texas. Our team is made up of a myriad of backgrounds and perspectives. AMA’s executive and management teams consist of individuals from various social and cultural backgrounds, military backgrounds, and professional historyThis enables us to tackle our client’s obstacles from various standpoints. 

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AMA Guiding Principles

AMA is the Spanish word for Love and we put our Heart into everything we do. We believe sharing our knowledge and skills will help many, and we do this in service to others.  Our team is guided by these ten principles.


We believe that lasting success is attained by remaining true to ourselves and others and that this is where positive change occurs in business, in our communities, and in the world. We will always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards and will take personal responsibility for our actions.

Service & Its Positive Impact

We are driven by the positive impact in the lives we touch when we serve. We strive to be leaders of service and positive impact in everything that we do. We know that these impacts are multiplied many times over and we embrace the ripple effect that this creates.

Innovation and Technology

We believe that work doesn’t have to be hard – rather, through innovations it can be simple and effective. With technology and innovation, we believe we can use our time more effectively and serve more.

Growth & Learning

We strive to stretch ourselves and our clients, so we can accomplish greater things and make greater impact together. We include what we have learned and transcend beyond the current limits.

Consistent Excellence

We understand that all though perfection is not attainable, consistent excellence is. Consistency is what transforms average into excellence. We understand that excellence is never an accident – it is the result of intention, sincere effort, positive direction, communication, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

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