AMA Community Outreach

Giving back is part of our culture. 

AMA Community Outreach

Giving Back To The Community

The essential contributors to our growth and success is our willingness to give back, and our commitment to gratitude. When we make great profits, we can give back in greater amounts, giving others the opportunity to also do the same.  We understand that lives are changed forever when individuals, families, businesses, and communities have the financial resources to meet their needs. As an organization we are always grateful and constantly looking for ways to show the appreciation that we have for the blessings of our lives. Thus, we routinely open the door for everyone on our staff to speak out loud their gratitude. 

Because of this… we support several initiatives and organizations who align with our values.

AMA in Uganda

AMA in Uganda

Uganda girls in community outreach
AMA community outreach in uganda

Our President and CEO Stephanie Machuca had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Uganda and meet the girls of She is More Than: Uganda is a place where survival is often the only way of life,” she says. “Having schooling and an education sometimes is the difference between life or death. We are continually humbled by the perspective that what in the U.S. is called poverty and necessities in other places, can be a luxury.” 

She Is More Than

She Is More Than raises awareness of the victimization of young girls in Uganda, providing a source of recovery and education for former trafficking and abuse victims.

Uganda girls dancing

HIS Mission

Halieus International Support exists to generously share the love of Jesus Christ by equipping missionaries, investing in cultural empowerment, and giving around the world.

HIS Mission
hero project

The HERO Initiative

An AMA campaign to provide support to local families and charities. The Hero Initiative has provided over $14K to families across Florida.

The HOMED Project

The HOMED Project

A non-profit focused on health, ownership, people, and enterprise. The HOMED Project leads families to independence and vibrant life.

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