Giving Back

To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.

We believe that when we make great profits we can give back in greater amounts, giving others the opportunity ot also do the same. We believe that lives are changed forever when individuals, families, businesses, and communities have the financial resources to meet their needs. We believe giving back and being grateful is the highest form of humility. Because of this belief, we support several initiatives and organizations who align with our values.

Our Charitable Initiatives


Each month, we provide support to an organization that provides housing and education to teenage girls who are victims of abuse in Uganda, Africa.


We give every month in a form of sponsorship to children who have been abandoned by their fathers or experienced child abuse to obtain a stable, private education.


We give to organizations that mentor young boys who lack healthy masculine figures.


We give every month to small women owned businesses. We help women establish the foundations of their own businesses and we support them as well. 


We give every month in form of a scholarship for counseling, medical care and coaching for women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. 


We give financially and of our time to help teenage kids learn financial principals and become financially independent.


We are creating a program this year to help them open savings and checking accounts and fund part of their emergency funds.


We are creating a program this year to assist our employees with education and down-payment assistance to buy their own homes.


We partner with organizations that support families in need for Christmas and Back to School.


We also partner with organizations who promote healthy habits in children and are fighting childhood obesity.

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