Meet Christina Quiñones

Christina Quinones
Christina Quiñones

Senior Vice President

Christina Quiñones is Senior Vice President at AMA Consulting Group. Her primary role within the company is to ensure the timely and efficient execution of all corporate projects and initiatives. With 15+ years of experience in the affordable housing industry, Christina oversees finance, compliance, and project management, with an emphasis on discovering innovative technology-driven approaches to resolving client issues. 

A subject matter expert in housing subsidies, Christina keeps her eye on serving and improving the quality of life of those with extremely low-income and very-low-income in our communities. She has dedicated her career to creating paths of improvement towards maximizing resources.  

With the proven track record to easily spot trends in data or figure out how complex systems work to effectively make decisions and move through real or perceived barriers quickly. 

Christina is a solutions-driven thinker, determined to reduce risk, helping her move through barriers quickly. Simply put, she gets things done quickly with high quality. 

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