Meet Stefan Gilliam

Stefan Gilliam
Stefan Gilliam

Director of Marketing & Communications

Stefan Gilliam is our Director of Marketing & Communications at AMA.  He’s spent the last 15+ years working in various capacities to ensure businesses reach their highest level of success. His corporate and entrepreneurial history has seen him participate in brand renovations, large-scale event planning, marketing, communications, and even a feature as a TEDx speaker. 

Throughout this time, he’s realized high level success is only reached through the consistent, intentional growth of an organization’s staff. Thus, he utilizes his talents and acumen in training and development, and this is how he helps change the world for the better.   

His passion for seeing others excel in their skills has allowed him to consult in team building, corporate culture, communications, and more.  His efforts in ensuring organizational advancement helps provide AMA with a blueprint to visibility, profitability, and longevity! 

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