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We understand the challenges faced by public housing agencies, non-profit entities, and for-profit companies in the housing sector. Our deep expertise spans compliance and program management, talent optimization and training, operations support, and asset management. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and adopting a hands-on approach, we provide custom-tailored solutions that drive tangible results.

When you partner with AMA Consulting Group, you gain a dedicated team that is passionate about your success. We work collaboratively with your organization, understanding your unique needs and challenges, and tailoring our services to suit your goals. Our holistic approach ensures that we empower you with the right tools, knowledge, and support to excel in your endeavors.

AMA is Years of Experience

Our entire team is loaded with experience. Having an extraordinarily diverse workforce allows us the benefit of drawing from those who have been there, done that, and succeeded greatly in the process. Our team has experience in housing policy, program development, quality assurance, corporate operations, project management, executive strategy, and so much more.

We didn’t just get started. Our suite of services is based on our decades of history beating the odds, and the humility to understand there is always more to learn.

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AMA is Agile Operations

Plainly put, we move quickly. At AMA we understand the affordable housing industry often requires rapid, decisive action. Whether we are developing federally compliant programs in weeks instead of months, or conducting emergency operations enhancements, AMA moves with agility. We have become adept at taking large operations and helping them change directions in tight windows.

AMA is Innovative Solutions ​

We believe challenges arise to help us activate and appreciate our greatness. Our greatest advancements as an organization happened between the years 2019 and 2021. Why? Because we repeatedly introduced novel and efficient solutions for ourselves and our clients. These innovative products, services, and methodologies helped our clients elevate above trying and restrictive times. We continue in this approach.

AMA is Award Winning

Orlando Business Journal

Women Who Mean Business Honoree

Our CEO Stephanie Rosario, was chosen as one of Orlando Business Journal’s 2022 Women Who Mean Business honorees. She was featured in OBJ’s Feb. 18, 2022, weekly edition. This was not Stephanie’s first recognition for her contributions to the business climate in Central Florida, but certainly an honor worth highlighting. This distinction from Orlando Business Journal recognizes Stephanie’s efforts to create jobs during a worldwide pandemic when so many companies were conducting layoffs.

biz journal stephanie
ACG smart Award

2022 ACG SMART Award Recipient

AMA was awarded with this year’s ACG S.M.A.R.T. Award!
This award is presented to companies who have shown advancement in the (S)uccessful (M)anagement of (A)ssets, (R)evenue and (T)eams. This award recognizes middle-market companies that are raising the standard of excellence in Central Florida. We must say without our dynamic staff, we could have never been considered for this honor.  One time for everyone who played a part in the ascension of AMA! There’s lots more to do! This is just the beginning.

Orlando Magazine

Orlando’s 2022 Women Of The Year

President and CEO, Stephanie Rosario recognized as one of Orlando’s 2022 Women of the Year! Once again our CEO receives accolades for her contributions as business owner and visionary. We couldn’t be prouder to have her as our leader.

“I’ve had the chance to create pathways for others to thrive. Every time, it brings my heart joy.” – Stephanie Rosario

orlando Mag Women of the year

Discover the AMA Difference

As a rule, we don’t bring standard cookie cutter stuffiness to our clients. Instead, we bring a visionary approach to best practices and cutting-edge strategies. Schedule a call with a member of our team and we’re positive you’ll recognize the difference.

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If you missed one of our webinars, don’t worry! You can now view all of the AMA webinars on-demand at a time that works best for you. If you see something you like, click on the image and start watching. Enjoy!

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