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AMAzing Expertise

We know what companies are expected to say about themselves on their website. We are supposed to tout how great we are. We are supposed to talk about how we’re better than the next company. Oh, and don’t forget statement to portray a personal connection to those reading this page.
And we’ll get to all of that we promise.
But we think it’s more important for you to know how “who” we are as an organization, connects to our expertise.

AMA is Years of Experience

Our entire team is loaded with experience. With an extraordinarily diverse workforce, we have the benefit of drawing from those who have been there, done that, and succeeded greatly in the process. Our team holds experience in housing policy, program development, quality assurance, corporate operations, project management, executive strategy, and so much more.

We didn’t just get started. Our suite of services is based on decades of history beating the odds and the humility to understand there is always more to learn.

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AMA is Agile Operations

Our background has called for us to operate in industries that move quickly. Whether it’s developing federally compliant programs in weeks not months, or conducting emergency operations enhancements, AMA is agile. In fact, we’ve become rather adept at taking large operations and changing directions in tight windows.

AMA is Innovative Solutions ​

At AMA, we believe challenges come to help us activate and appreciate our greatness. AMA’s greatest advancements happened between the years 2019 and 2021. Why? Because we repeatedly introduced novel and efficient solutions for ourselves and our clients that helped us all elevate above trying and restrictive times.

Orlando Business Journal

Women Who Mean Business Honoree

Stephanie Rosario Machuca, CEO of AMA Consulting Group LLC, was chosen as one of Orlando Business Journal’s 2022 Women Who Mean Business honorees, who were featured in OBJ’s Feb. 18, 2022, weekly edition. Lake Mary-based AMA Consulting Group provides affordable housing solutions to public housing agencies, nonprofits and private enterprises.

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ACG smart Award

2022 ACG SMART Award Recipient

AMA was awarded with this years ACG Smart Award! Successful Management of Assets, Revenue and Teams. We couldn’t have done this without our team, shout out to everyone that played a part in the rising of AMA! We have so much more to do, this is just the beginning.

Orlando Magazine

Orlando’s 2022 Women Of The Year

President and CEO, Stephanie Rosario-Smith recognized as one of Orlando’s 2022 Women of the Year! AMA is grateful for your leadership and guidance.

“I’ve had the chance to create pathways for others to thrive. Every time, it brings my heart joy.” – Stephanie Rosario-Smith

orlando Mag Women of the year

Discover the AMA Difference

As a rule, we don’t bring standard cookie cutter stuffiness to our clients. Instead, we bring a visionary approach to best practices and cutting-edge strategies. Schedule a call with a member of our team and we’re positive you’ll recognize the difference.

AMA Webinar Series: On-Demand

Insights for Public Housing Leadership

If you missed one of our webinars, don’t worry! You can now view all of the AMA webinars on-demand at a time that works best for you. If you see something you like, click on the image and start watching. Enjoy!

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