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Public Housing Agency

AMA’s Agency Health Check is your key to advanced operations and higher performing teams for Your PHA


Elevate Your Agency's Performance and Ensure HUD Compliance

An Agency Health Check is an extensive analysis that identifies opportunities in your HCV, public housing, and LIHTC programs. It is your compass for understanding where your agency gaps lie and navigating the pathway to operational excellence.

The health of your PHA is the key to funding, compliance, impact, and employee satisfaction. Don’t let uncertainty lead you into a compromising position with HUD and your community.

Your Agency Health Check includes:

  • 40 Full File Reviews
  • Staff Interviews (including executive team)
  • Policy/Procedures Review
  • Audit Review (including SEMAP)
  • 5 Unit Inspection 
  • A Comprehensive Agency Report (including observations and recommendations)

Your Key to Operational Excellence in Your PHA

Remove outdated processes and systems which are barriers to your PHA’s ability to provide top-notch housing services.

Determine whether the right people are in the right roles and unleash your team’s full potential.

Strengthen your administrative strategy at the top level and facilitate growth and success.

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Unlocking Your Agency's Full Potential

Our Agency Health Check is your path to peak performance, designed to empower you with actionable insights and recommendations. Here's how it works:


Kick Off Call with Stakeholders

We will take the time to understand your agency’s unique needs and concerns, just as a doctor listens to your symptoms to help find solutions to fit your specific needs.


On-Site Operational Assessment

Next, we visit your agency and perform a thorough evaluation of your operations. This includes reviewing files and engaging with your team to gain additional insight.


Policy/Procedures Review

Then we take a magnifying glass to your agency’s policies and procedures, ensuring adherence and double checking the efficiency of your operations.


Audit Review

Our team conducts an extensive audit to ensure your agency’s compliance across program requirements. This includes double checking your SEMAP.


Five Unit Inspection

Next up, we conduct unit inspections, inspecting five housing units for pass/fail, ensuring rentals are in top-notch condition. This can be done either on-site or remotely.


Comprehensive Report

Finally we compile a detailed report which outlines all AMA’s findings, observations, and recommendations to take your PHA to the next level.


Consider us your partners
in progress.

Our mission is to help your agency serve families more efficiently, making a more significant impact on lives and housing more people. The Agency Health Check is the key to unlocking your agency’s full potential, providing safe and affordable housing to your communities.

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