AMA Ranked #1 In the Nation in Government Services

AMA ranked #1 by Inc. Magazine on 2022 Inc 5000 List

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CEO Stephanie Rosario-Smith


Listen friends, we have been hard at work, it has paid off BIG TIME!! 

This is our official announcement that AMA Consulting Group, LLC has been designated The Fastest Growing Government Services Company in the nation, by Inc. Magazine.  That’s right, we made Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2022!  

Here’s how it happened… 


From 4 to 400…

In 2015, this company was founded by 4 people (4 minority women) who had a simple desire to support the high number of people in our communities facing housing needs.  They were initially tasked with simply assisting a local housing agency in improving one of their programs. From this simple effort, we saw the birth of creativity, innovation, and a suite of solutions tailored for the affordable housing industry. Solutions that make a real difference. Very surprising to them, these four ladies ended up becoming a highly sought-after boutique consulting firm. 

From there, it was an intentional choice by each of these pioneering women to face each challenge as an opportunity to shine expressing integrity, gratitude, and consistent excellence.  This resulted in growth… lots and lots of growth. A few key partners, contracts, and some fierce leadership and AMA grew from 4 to 400 persons in less than 4 years. In the midst of all this growth, AMA Consulting Group has become the agency of choice, for innovation, education and operational excellence. 



…and to #1 

Growth like this is fantastic, but it amounts to very little if we’re not putting it to good use, not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.  

We all go about our everyday tasks, email this… meeting here… project work there…  and sometimes growth just happens. But in our case, this growth was intentional. It was always our goal to impact others. And Inc. Magazine, one of the most prestigious business magazines in the nation, noticed our efforts.  

AMA Consulting Group was recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in the nation for government services. Not only that, we also ranked #58 fastest growing company in the country overall. Out of 5000 company candidates, AMA was ranked #58. AMAzing!! 

This is an incredible honor, and we don’t take it lightly. We are extremely aware of what it took for us to get here, and we know we couldn’t have done it without the support of our clients who believed in us, our partners who have supported us every step of the way, and most importantly our staff who worked tirelessly to uphold our values and push us forward each day!  

Proud doesn’t even start to describe how we feel. Our CEO, Stephanie Rosario-Smith, said it best when she stated, “I have learned that I have plans, but God has a bigger plan.” And this is definitely bigger than what AMA initially planned!  


Saying Yes 

Early on, AMA set its core values, and determined to use them as a compass guiding the decisions we would make as an organization. One of those values is “Relationships Over Transactions” where we clearly state, “We are not afraid to walk away from opportunities that do not align with our values.” For us, lasting success is attained by remaining true to ourselves. ICEO Stephanie Rosario-Smith responded, “When the world was in crisis and organizations were calling on the team to help, I remember sitting at breakfast and talking to my husband with tears in my eyes saying, if I said ‘yes’ to the calling it would mean lost family time, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even New Years. It would mean being available to the state, to the city, to the municipality, to the families and landlords, and many sleepless nights. In my husband’s solid knowing he said to me, ‘If not you, then who?’” 

Here AMA said yes, when so many other organizations were saying no. Our core values were reflected in the opportunities we were presented with and stepped into the unknown with intention and purpose. 


Positive Impact 

In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, our organization created over 350 jobs nationwide, served over 265,000 households in crisis, for many of our fellow Americans across the country. This chain reaction we are creating is what fuels us. When we see firsthand the results of influence in our communities, and our ability to have purpose behind our growth, it encourages us to embrace the hard moments. What initially seems somewhat unsurmountable, produces long-lasting strength, growth, and positive impact. We’re Just Getting Started 

Even though it’s a huge deal to have made this exclusive list, we are humbled to be included. But please recognize, we are just getting started! 

We have an outstanding executive team and a collective vision to continue to serve our communities. There is so much more we want to accomplish, and the need for the work we do continues. This incredible honor will only open more doors for us to keep on doing what we are purposed for.  

“Each day, take one step toward ending poverty and greed.”  Stephanie Rosario-Smith, CEO – AMA Consulting Group, LLC 

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