Inspiring Happiness in Your Work

inspiring happiness

I know many of us start our careers bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to help those in need and make a difference. And that’s exactly what we do. However, sometimes as we move forward in our work, we can start to lose our drive and perspective.

Let’s be honest, for most of us, work is a necessity.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the necessity of it and then, we can forget how important happiness and satisfaction are to our life equation. In fact, the happier we are in our work, the more impactful we can be, and the more motivated we will be to succeed. No matter what some may say, happiness is important to us, our lives, our work, and making sure we feel we are making a difference with our work. With that, we want to offer five ways to inspire happiness in your work.

1) Learn Something New

Sometimes, a lack of happiness can stem from simple boredom. Especially if you have been doing the same job for many years. It can feel like you are going through the motion’s day in and day out.  One way to get out of this rut is to consider ways to change things up a bit and try something different.

Are there continued education courses you have been wanting to take? Sign up for them NOW! If there is a certification or another degree that could take you to the next level in your career, go after it. Presenting yourself with new opportunities or new roles is a major way to inspire happiness in your journey.

Wanna learn how to fly a kite? Bake the perfect red velvet cake? Go hang gliding? Do photography? Play poker? Go do it all!!Many times, diving deeper into learning will help you remember what happiness feels like and will most likely carry over into your work.

2) Take on New Projects

Along that same vein, taking on new tasks, duties, or projects can also help to inspire happiness. Adding something new and different that stretches you or utilizes your natural talents can reignite your spark.

An excellent place to start is offering to help with something you know you can tackle, but your boss may not have the time for. In fact, it may even be something nobody has had time for. Find that thing and jump into it headfirst and solve the problem!  Not only does this have the potential to introduce excitement and energy into your workday, but it also shows initiative to try new things. This will help set you apart as a fully invested team member which ultimately will result in even MORE new opportunities.

3) Focus on the Positive

We know this sounds super cliché, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day tasks you must complete. We forget all the things we truly value and appreciate about our work. Here you can take a step back and look at the big picture.  In fact, try asking yourself a few targeted questions and then take some time to really, honestly, meditate on the answers:

  • What do you like about your job?
  • How do you like what it stands for—its mission and values?
  • In what manner does it help or assist the world in ways you find important or valuable?
  • When did you make the most significant impact through your work?
  • Why did you choose your job in the beginning?
  • What is best about your coworkers?

These are examples of questions that may help you initiate positive change in your mindset. This is your chance to remind yourself of how important you are and how important your work is to you.

Remember, you are more than your work. Our society places a high level of importance on our careers and work, but life is meant to be lived. Sometimes just remembering how our work inspires happiness in us, can inspire happiness in us. This can be your breath of fresh air.

We don’t live to work. We live and our work supports that life.

4) Become a Mentor

Teaching or mentoring someone else can be a great way to inspire happiness in others, yourself, and your career. Getting to experience everything for the first time all over again, but with the wisdom your experience has gifted you, and then getting to pass that onto someone else…

It’s a winning combo.

Mentoring can help you remember what drew you to your chosen career in the first place. This excitement and enthusiasm with the person you are mentoring can help inspire that happiness you once felt.

You don’t have to wait to be assigned someone to mentor. Reach out to the newest team members to ensure they feel welcome. Ask others how they’re doing and offer to let them shadow you on some of the projects or tasks.

If your current work environment doesn’t allow you to take someone under your wing, maybe look for a local mentoring program in your area where you can pass on your wisdom and experience, gaining a fresh dose of happiness in the process.

5) Look Backward

Most times, we are told not to dwell on the past and to look forward. However, the truth is, reflecting on all your accomplishments, the positive aspects of your career, and your proudest moments, can reignite a feeling of happiness towards your job again. Remembering how far you’ve come and areas where you have become highly skilled can give you that boost of inspired happiness you’ve been waiting for. It is this time of reflection that also helps you to gain a new perspective on your journey. Each season of your career was part of a bigger picture that has ultimately led you to where you currently are, as such, where you are is not where you are destined to be.

This is also part of a process that will inevitably help you to navigate your way to something new. Seeing your current situation as a steppingstone to something else down the road can help to reinvigorate your day-to-day routine.

Carlos Castaneda said, “Whether we make ourselves miserable or make ourselves happy, the work is the same.”

How much effort are you putting into inspiring happiness in your life? If you are like most people, it’s probably not a lot. It’s time to put genuine effort into inspiring happiness within yourself and all around you.

Then, watch the transformation take place.


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