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Leasing and Program Moves Overview

This training module explains the briefing process, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) issuance, housing search, tenancy approval, and leasing processes.
The voucher is the family’s authorization from the PHA to search for housing. The family receives the voucher after the PHA selects the family from the waiting list, determines the family eligible for assistance, and conducts the program briefing. Upon issuance of a Housing Choice Voucher, the housing search process begins. Once the family finds a suitable unit, the PHA begins its process of approving or denying the assisted tenancy. If the tenancy is approved, leasing activities begin.

There are many requirements and steps to a successful lease up, and the more familiar you are with each one, the more efficient and successful you will be in your role.

As always, you will want to consult your administrative plan for any PHA-specific guidance.

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