Welcome to the HCV Fair Housing training course! 

In this training module, you will learn about the importance of Fair Housing and its impact on the different aspects of the Housing Choice Voucher Program including the following: 

  • Who is protected under the Fair Housing Act? 
  • The rights and responsibilities of PHAs and participating families 
  • What is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act? 
  • How to handle Fair Housing complaints 
  • And more! 

Fair Housing is an integral part of effectually implementing the Housing Choice Voucher program and the more familiar you are with it, the more positive impact you can make in your role.  

We will be covering a lot of important information in this training module so make sure to take notes, ask questions, and go back through anything you might not understand. And as always, make sure to be familiar with your PHA’s administrative plan and what it says in regards to Fair Housing practices.  


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