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We’re super excited to announce that Inc. Magazine just crowned AMA Consulting Group as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation for a second year straight!  Thanks to all who helped make this recognition possible. You’ve helped us champion the cause of affordable housing, as we make waves across the nation. Without you, we wouldn’t be the agency of choice and most certainly wouldn’t have received such prestigious national recognition.

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AMA's Superpowers = Innovation, Education, Operational Excellence

Our teams understand the daily challenges facing the affordable housing industry. AMA teams help PHAs see success, increase their output and maximize resources through innovation tools, in-depth educational offerings, and systems to produce operational excellence. Get support for your organization in the following:

Providing Unlimited Support

75000 +
Families Serviced
$ 1 B+
Subsidy Funds Disbursed
5 +
Years of Industry Experience

Innovative Solutions for the Affordable Housing Industry

public housing services

Program Management

• Housing Choice Voucher Program
• Emergency Rental Assistance Program
• Special Programs: FSS/Homeownership
• Property Management

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AMA compliance


• Compliance Monitoring Program
• Remote Quality Control Reviews
• Single Agency Audit Prep
• SEMAP Review and Monitoring

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operational support for housing assistance

Operations Support

• Call Center Support & Management
• Systems Implementation & Support
• HQS Inspections Management
• Transactions Processing

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talent optimization for public housing

Talent Optimization

• Hiring for Excellence
• Leadership Consulting
• Team Building
• Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments

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professional public housing assistance

Professional Services

• Policies Review & Development
• Waiting List Management
• Agency Health Check
• Strategic Advisement

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AMA tech and innovation

Technology & Innovation

• The AMAzing Quality Control Tool
• SHERLOQ Inspections Management
• AMA Academy
• Systems Implementation Support

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AMA Webinars On-Demand

See AMA Teams in Action

Our consultants conduct webinars regularly to help advance PHAs in areas like operations efficiency, landlord conversion, developing strategic partnerships, and so much more.

If you missed any of our webinars, don’t worry! You can view all AMA webinars on-demand whenever works best for you. Click an image to start watching.

Expanding Your Agency Through Technology & Innovation

AMA academy man learning

AMA Academy

HCV Training, Landlord & Tenant Orientation and so much more. Take Advantage of our online, self-paced training and development programs specially made for PHAs!

AMAzing QC Tool

With AMAzing QC your team can quickly catch and correct errors before they happen! Reduce risk, stay compliant with HUD and improve team performance.

SHERLOQ Inspections Mgmt.

This new tool is specifically designed for PHA Inspections Management. SHERLOQ is primed to automate the cumbersome and nuanced components of conducting HCV inspections. 

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AMA News & Insights For Housing Leadership Teams

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Myth Busting HCV Facts for Landlords

For families in the HCV program, getting their voucher was hard. But finding a landlord to take their voucher is harder and it’s only getting worse as the housing crisis in America continues to escalate.   So, today, we are here…

Tech-Infused Transformation for PHAs

Hey there, readers! Today, let’s dive into a topic that has us here at AMA buzzing with excitement and potential – how PHAs… that’s you… can harness the power of technology to bring positive changes to your agencies, programs, and…

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