AMA Conference Toolkit

Maintain your “A” game with these helpful tools and resources.

AMA Conference Representatives

Meet your AMA Conference Team

Christina Quinones
Christina Quiñones

SVP of Business Development & Innovation

ronnie odom
Ronnie Odom

Director of Business Development & Professional Services

Stefan Gilliam
Stefan Gilliam

Director of Marketing & Communications

Jason Walker
Jason Walker

VP of Program Management

jessica davis
Jessica Davis

Assistant Project Manager

Vaneleen Munoz

Compliance Specialist

Riccian Vidal
Riccian Vidal

Assistant Project Manager

SHERLOQ Inspections Management

Simplify Your Inspections Like Never Before

  • Send automated text reminders to tenants
  • Keep record of all inspections communications with landlords and tenants
  • Automatically confirm scheduled inspections
  • Save at least an hour of working time per inspection

SHERLOQ saves PHAs time reduces the burdensome workload of conducting HCV inspections. This management tool AUTOMATES nearly all of the tedious administrative tasks that are needed to stay compliant. Specifically designed for PHAs SHERLOQ is primed to change the entire dynamic of how your teams coordinate inspections, whether virtual or in-person, in English or Spanish.

AMAzing QC

Reduce Risk and Stay HUD Compliant

AMAzing QC an easy to use interactive auditing tool designed specifically for PHAs. With AMAzing QC your team can quickly catch and correct errors before they happen! Reduce risk, stay compliant with HUD and improve team performance.

The AMA Toolkit

About AMA Consulting Group

AMA Ranked #1 In the Nation in Government Services

AMA Consulting Group, LLC has been designated The Fastest Growing Government Services Company in the nation, by Inc. Magazine.  That’s right, we made Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2022!  

AMA Consulting Group was recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in the nation for government services. Not only that, we also ranked #58 fastest growing company in the country overall. Out of 5000 company candidates, AMA was ranked #58. AMAzing!! Watch the message from our inspiring CEO!

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AMA Guidebooks

Maximize Efficiency at your PHA

Eliminate the Stress of Case Management with this Comprehensive Guidebook.

Uncover the limitless advantages of the functional PHA approach and learn what to consider as you move forward.

Post-COVID PHA Strategies to Help You Conquer the Road Ahead!