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The Recipe for the Perfect PHA

On our staff at AMA we have Noel, who is an award-winning baker. She boasts several first place and best-in-show awards from baking competitions for a variety of different goodies. One of the things she loves most about baking is how each ingredient on its own is unexceptional, but in …

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Establishing Unity to Increase Performance

Imagine the transmission went out on your vehicle this week. An unexpected and unpleasant surprise, to be sure. Naturally your first call is to a respected and trusted mechanic, who begins asking all the questions:   Is it making any noises? What does it do when you step on the gas …

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What Public Housing Agencies Need to Know About Inflation

No matter where you go, what neighborhood you’re in, or who you talk to, the burden of inflation cannot be missed – or denied. While everyone feels its effects to some degree, it’s unfortunately no surprise when Investopedia tells us that low-income families bear the disproportionate brunt of this dreaded …

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Things that go Bump in the Night… PHA Edition

One of the fun parts about this time of year is how it gives us all the freedom to access the land of make believe that most of us have long forgotten. In all of our adulting, most of us have lost our sense of awe at life’s more simple …

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Preparing Your PHA for Emergency Inspections

Fall has fallen… bringing with it lower temperatures, chilly breezes, and the splendor of autumn colors. This can only mean one thing… “Old Man Winter” is not far behind and for PHAs everywhere, a spike in emergency inspections will soon be on the horizon.   Is your agency ready?   What are Emergency …

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Agency Assessments: Preparing to Succeed

With the final quarter of the year about to begin, January 1st will be here before we all know it and you and your agency will be on yet another trip around the sun.   According to Inc. Magazine there are only 60 productive workdays between Labor Day and the end …

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The PHA 4th Quarter Push

All across the country, football stadiums are packed out with adoring fans ready to cheer on their favorite teams. For the next 4 months, fierce loyalty… and rivalries… are taking center stage on TVs, in homes, and in the hearts and lives of millions of Americans.   If you’re a fan, …

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Strong PHAs

HUD’s mission statement is to “create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and make quality affordable homes a reality for all”. It is this mission combined with their vision to improve lives and strengthen communities that is the backbone of everything they, and we do, as PHAs.   All our PHAs have …

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CEO’s Inc 5000 Announcement

AMA Consulting Group Ranked Fastest Growing Government Services Company in the Nation!!     “Each day, take one step toward ending poverty and greed.”  Stephanie Rosario-Smith, CEO – AMA Consulting Group, LLC 

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AMA Ranked #1 In the Nation in Government Services

View a message from AMA Consulting Group’s CEO Stephanie Rosario-Smith   Listen friends, we have been hard at work, it has paid off BIG TIME!!  This is our official announcement that AMA Consulting Group, LLC has been designated The Fastest Growing Government Services Company in the nation, by Inc. Magazine. …

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Using Partnerships to Implement FSS in Your PHA

Something many people don’t know is that HUD has a mission statement. And to be honest it’s a very good one. HUD’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. In order to bring that mission to life, HUD employs many different avenues. But …

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The 5 Friends Every PHA Needs

When we look back on some of our most powerful memories, both good and bad, we can likely link most of them to the group of friends we had at the time.   Family dynamics, friendship cliques, sports teams… there are many ways we become like the ones we spend the …

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AMA Webinar Series: On-Demand

Insights for Public Housing Leadership

If you missed one of our webinars, don’t worry! You can now view all of the AMA webinars on-demand at a time that works best for you. If you see something you like, click on the image and start watching. Enjoy!

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