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We Dive Deep Into the World of Affordable Housing!

Join us as we chat with the nation’s top affordable housing leaders and update you on what’s happening in our industry. We will share fascinating journeys, lessons learned, and anecdotes along the way. Get ready to learn, laugh, and be inspired as we navigate the twists and turns of legislation, regulations, and the occasional HUD curve ball together!

Episode 6

An Affordable Housing Love Story: Sally Stang's Journey as a Housing Director

A Deep Dive with Sally Stang,
CMVO, Director of Housing and Community Services at the City
of Wichita

Dive into the inspiring world of housing with Sally Stang, who transformed a part-time job at Lake County Housing Authority in Illinois into a passionate career, eventually becoming the Housing Director for 156 employees. Now, in the midst of the ERA rush in a new city, Sally shares her journey and the lessons learned along the way.

This podcast is a candid look at Sally’s unexpected love affair with the housing industry, offering insights from the frontline of community service and leadership. From navigating policy challenges to making real impacts in people’s lives, Sally’s story is a beacon for anyone looking to make a difference through their work.

Tune in to discover how a career in housing can be as rewarding as it is challenging, and let Sally’s experiences inspire you to greater heights in affordable housing.


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