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We Dive Deep Into the World of Affordable Housing!

Join us as we chat with the nation’s top affordable housing leaders and update you on what’s happening in our industry. We will share fascinating journeys, lessons learned, and anecdotes along the way. Get ready to learn, laugh, and be inspired as we navigate the twists and turns of legislation, regulations, and the occasional HUD curve ball together!
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Episode 9

Housing as a Human Right

Marc Morial's Journey from Lawyer to Housing Advocate

In this episode of the PHA Podcast, we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Marc Morial, the President and CEO of the National Urban League.

From his roots as a lawyer to becoming a staunch advocate for affordable housing, Marc’s story is a testament to the importance of housing as a human right.

Join us for an insightful discussion on the pivotal role housing plays in building stronger communities and fostering social equity.

Marc’s journey is an inspiration, offering a roadmap for anyone passionate about advancing housing rights for all.


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