Navigating ERA Compliance

Outsourcing Solutions For PHA Success in The ERA Landscape

Navigating ERA Compliance

If your ERA program were to be audited tomorrow, would you be ready? 

Join us for this information-packed webinar and find out! We will be discussing several critical points including: 

  • The Importance of Compliance for PHAs 
  • Eye-opening Case Studies  
  • The Role of Your PHA  
  • How Outsourcing Makes All the Difference 
  • Best Practices 
  • ERA Compliance Pitfalls 

Your PHA plays a crucial role in supporting your community and by attending this webinar, you’ll gain the insight needed to safeguard your agency, and your community against the repercussions of costly mistakes and oversights.  

Register for the webinar and embark on your journey to ensuring ERA compliance.  

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