Transforming PHA Operations

A Strategic Approach to Backlog Management and Process Improvement

Transforming PHA Operations Through Strategic Outsourcing

Discover innovative strategies to tackle common staffing shortages and operational inefficiencies that hinder PHA performance.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Understanding Operational Challenges: Delve into the root causes of operational inefficiencies and learn how to effectively manage backlogs that are holding your PHA back.

  • Strategic Outsourcing Solutions: Explore how outsourcing critical functions can be a game-changer for improving efficiency and addressing staffing shortages.

  • Policy Alignment and Talent Optimization: Understand the importance of aligning your operations with policy guidelines and optimizing talent through strategic partnerships.

  • Practical Steps and Benefits: We’ll provide actionable insights on preventing inefficiencies and the multiple advantages that outsourcing can offer to PHAs, including enhanced compliance and improved overall performance.

This webinar is ideal for PHA executives, managers, and staff who are looking to improve operational efficiency, compliance, and overall performance. It’s also a great resource for those interested in learning about the benefits of strategic outsourcing and operational management.

Join us to transform your PHA operations and elevate your agency to new heights of efficiency and compliance!


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