AMA Workshops

Learn how to convert new landlords into your HCV program.

Guest Speakers

Join our AMA team as we explore two of the major factors that drive
landlord conversion success for PHAs.
Christina Quinones
Christina Quiñones

Sr. Vice President of Business Development & Innovation

Stefan Gilliam
Stefan Gilliam

Director of Marketing and Communications

Lee Murray headshot

Director of Housing Outreach

AMA Workshops: Part 2

Improving Conversions Into ​​​​​​​Your HCV Program

Now that you know how to get a landlord’s attention, In this second part of the workshop we’ll help you identify the major barriers that keep landlords from converting and how to fix them. 

landlord conversions
pay attention
AMA Workshops: Part 1

Getting a Landlord's Attention

In this first part of the workshop, we’ll guide you through our 3-part framework to create clear and valuable messaging you can use in your outreach to landlords.  

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Eliminate the Stress of Case Management with this Comprehensive Guidebook.

Uncover the limitless advantages of the functional PHA approach and learn what to consider as you move forward.

Post-COVID PHA Strategies to Help You Conquer the Road Ahead!