Professional Services

Take your organization higher with strategies to boost organizational value and profitable growth.


Our expert consultants help your business define a bold, strategic vision to move the needle forward.


It's time to step into inspired change. AMA has helps clients design the future creating new avenues for big wins.


Take your team beyond the ordinary. AMA utilizes emerging technologies and novel strategies to help you evolve.

The Support Your Company Needs Now

Consulting with AMA is just different. Yes, we excel in the standard tactical approach, evaluating critical needs, assessing strategy, operations, etc. What separates us is our ability to align value and vision for your organization. This custom-made approach has proven successful for our PHA clients. 

That’s what we’re here for! AMA has just the right mix of expertise, experience, and vision. All with a staff that is invested in your success.

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Consulting Services in Alignment with Your Vision

Policies Review & Development

Creating a structure for your teams, and programs, is paramount to success. AMA experts have helped PHAs establish a foundation for operations by creating admin plans, standard operating procedures, and KPIs for our clients.

Strategic Advisement

Agility is one thing all corporate strategies must have to stay ahead of the competition. Our corporate strategists excel in creating a vision forward that leaves room for pivoting when needed. We've developed creative strategies for a variety of industry projects and programs. It's like we can see the future.

Waiting List Management

Excessively long and wait lists can be a pain for PHAs. Our teams can help you coordinate wait list opening and closing, purging your PHA wait list, sorting and lotteries, and of course coordinating wait list selection processes and procedures.

Executive Monthly Reviews

In our consulting we don't overlook leadership teams. There are times executive members need regularly advisement and coaching. For this we've set up our monthly executive reviews. AMA will provide PIC reviews, VMS/2YT reviews, PIH notice updates, as well as executive guidance.

Agency Health Check

Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Our Agency Health Check is an analysis your entire PHA operation. Get recommendations on staff positioning, systems and technology, program files, PHA policies, and even your financial status.

PIC Recon

AMA experts are masters with PIC reports. Our PIC Recon service provides PHAs with details on discrepancies in PIC reports and offers instruction on how to resolve these issues. We will also help reconcile PIC data against PHA Housing Systems data. This is the service you've been waiting for.

Adopt a Culture of Continuous Innovation

Whether developing a fully remote environment for a workforce of hundreds, or creating proprietary software to promote corporate accountability, we’ve created major breakthroughs for our clients through innovation. You can see this same success, all you have to do is click the button, and we’ll do the rest.

Why Choose AMA?

From the initial strategy conversation, through implementation and execution AMA helps our clients reimagine their business from top to bottom. We help you modernize systems, institute comprehensive policies coordinate organizational transformations, and go further, faster.

Our consulting experts help you to navigate complex business challenges and establish a vision that inspires, operations that outperform, and corporate value that leaves and impact.

Experienced Consultants

Our team has decades of experience advising companies towards sustainable profitiabilty.

Vision Based Approach

Our management consultants connect the initial visionary intent with value for the benefit of the overall organization.

Agile Management Strategies

We provide creative solutions that have helped thousands across the country make rapid, pinpont adjustments to their operations.

Additional AMA Services

Improve Performance, Accountability and Data Reporting at Your Public Housing Agency.

With AMAzing QC your team can quickly catch and correct errors before they happen! Reduce risk, stay compliant with HUD and improve team performance. Get the transparency you need to elevate your public housing compliance controls.

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