SHERLOQ Inspections Management

We’re revolutionizing how agencies manage their inspections processes with our latest innovation.

Save Hours on Your Inspections


SHERLOQ is the answer your inspections team has been waiting for! 

The single, most efficient, inspections management program available today. SHERLOQ is designed to anticipate your every need at each step of the inspections process.   

Send notices, coordinate scheduling, and offer quality assurance all while keeping a digital record of the entire process. SHERLOQ saves your teams hours by streamlining all administrative tasks… with a single click.

Our custom-built system will give your inspections team the edge.

No longer do you have to carry the burden of tedious administrative tasks that take hours to complete.

Our system streamlines all your inspections communications. SHERLOQ sends out email and text notices to tenants and landlords, in addition to distributing and recording inspections results for the PHA. SHERLOQ is even bilingual and both text messaging and emails can be generated in either Spanish or English. 

SHERLOQ keeps tabs on your schedule, automatically logging inspections appointments. Instantly schedule inspections based on tenant availability, send text reminders to avoid no-shows, and keep record of completed inspections and their results. All in one easy-to-access format. 

The most beneficial aspect of our new friend SHERLOQ is his ability to relieve your agency of the administrative burden of inspections by automating tasks. With just a few clicks, SHERLOQ can automate every step of the process.  

SHERLOQ has the ability to organize and keep track of all information pertinent to your tenants, landlords, and their inspections including:

  • Contact Information
  • Previous Inspection Schedule
  • Inspections Results
  • And so much more…

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited to show you what SHERLOQ can do! Simply CLICK HERE and we will be happy to set up a demonstration!

You bet it does! Time and time again we’ve watched teams using SHERLOQ can drop 2+ hours from the time spent handling inspections admin tasks. 

Yes! We are proud to say that SHERLOQ has been creatively and carefully designed to assist inspections teams of any size! Big or small, you can customize SHERLOQ to work for you!

We know how important accessibility is for your participating families and landlords so we have developed SHERLOQ to fluently speak both English and Spanish! All of your communications, whether emails, text messages, or other documentation, can be generated in either language. 

We have spent the last year up to our ears in research to ensure that this system anticipates the needs of our valued PHA family. SHERLOQ is an easy-to-use intuitive dream, and you won’t be disappointed! Just CLICK HERE to schedule your SHERLOQ demo today!

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