Talent Optimization

Align business strategy & people strategy to improve performance.

Unifying People, Technology & Performance

Your company’s success is a direct result of the people your bring that support the vision. A business can have all the systems and processes in the world. They can follow strict guidelines and be innovative beyond their competition, but it takes a team that is fully invested to see success past the obstacles.

Hiring for Excellence

Go beyond the resume, to identify candidates based on skills, behavioral profile, cognitive ability, and values.

Leadership Consulting

Sharpen the strategic and tactical skills to of your team to garner long-term sustainability for your business.

Team Trainings

Teaching advanced processes and skills to enhance job performance and foster professional growth.

Performance Mgmt.

Boost your teams efficiency through accountability, trust, & communications to aligned objectives.

Talent Optimization

starts at the top...

Developing an engaged and invested talent base is an artform and requires four distinct disciplines… hiring for excellence, training, leadership development, and performance measurement + feedback. We recognize your people are your business’ most valuable asset, and we help you strategize an investment in their development to benefit your team and the organization as a whole.

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Discover the Benefits of Utilizing Behavior Profiles in Hiring

AMA is a certified Predictive Index Partner. With this groundbreaking tool we guide companies to better understanding themselves and their staff.  Embodying this high value knowledge of the personalities, tendencies, and compatibility of your team leads to better, more objective decisions.  Additionally we help you understand how each person communicates, processes information better enabling you to guide performance and training. With AMA and Predictive Index in your corner you’ll spend less time solving people problems and more time celebrating results. 

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Reduce your workforce struggles...

At AMA we have a distinct advantage when it comes to talent optimization and development. Not only have we helped numerous clients advance their workforces, but we also had our own trial by fire onboarding nearly 400 new corporate positions in less than a year. So, we understand what it’s like to have to hire, train, develop, and qualify a workforce into a high-performance team.

We’ve got your back! The team at AMA will coordinate your company’s talent optimization and ensure it is informed by business strategy and produces the desired business results. From designing organizational structure, to evaluating the abilities of your senior leadership team, our specialist can take your team to the next level. 

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Additional AMA Support Services

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