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Companies often throw around the word innovation to express the way they believe their organization “thinks”. But at AMA we when we use the word innovation, we’re specifically talking about what we do! For us, innovation is turning novel ideas into solutions that deliver the future for our clients. 

Our Technology and Innovation Offerings

Simplify Your Quality Control

With AMAzing QC, you can easily catch and correct errors before they happen. Take the guesswork out of it and let AMAzing QC give you the transparency you need to elevate your compliance controls. With AMAzingQC you can:

  • Improve agency performance, accountability, and data reporting.
  • Maximize program efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Assist agencies in identifying internal and external training requirements.
  • Support robust reporting and key performance indicators (KPIs) that deliver facts-driven employee evaluations.
  • Save an average of 20 hours each month with quality control.

Automate Your HCV Inspections

The single, most efficient, inspections management program available today. SHERLOQ anticipates your every need. Send notices, coordinate scheduling, and offer quality assurance all while keeping a digital record of the entire process. Save hours by streamlining all administrative tasks… with a single click.

  • Send email and text notices to tenants and landlords, in addition to distributing and recording inspections results.
  • Schedule inspections based on tenant availability and send text reminders.
  • Keep track of contact info, previous inspection results, and much more for tenants and landlords.

Better Understand Your Teams

with our performance and behavior analyses

There’s an artform to ensuring your teams are engaged and invested.

AMA has partnered with Predictive Index to provide hiring managers the ability to match staff experience, talent, and personality traits to the responsibilities of the role they were hired for.

Discover the Benefits of Utilizing Behavior Profiles in Hiring

AMA is a certified Predictive Index Partner. With this groundbreaking tool we guide companies to better understanding themselves and their staff.  Embodying this high value knowledge of the personalities, tendencies, and compatibility of your team leads to better, more objective decisions.  Additionally we help you understand how each person communicates, processes information better enabling you to guide performance and training. With AMA and Predictive Index in your corner you’ll spend less time solving people problems and more time celebrating results. 

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AMA Self Service Calculators

50058 Quick Form for PHAs

We’ve seen it. Sitting down, spending hours on end trying to finish the HUD Form 50058. For years PHAs have experienced frustration to make this happen. Luckily, we’ve got a solution!  AMA has developed the 58 Quick Form & Calculator available for any and every housing specialist to use!

Obtaining the HAP for owner and total tenant payment has never been easier.

Our 58 Quick Form & Calculator leads housing specialists through assets, income, and every piece of completing the 50058. Get it complete without all the hassle of figuring out calculations and holding your place.

Other Calculators & Quick Income Annualizer

Additional AMA Services

AMA Webinars On-Demand

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Our consultants conduct webinars regularly to help advance PHAs in areas like operations efficiency, landlord conversion, developing strategic partnerships, and so much more.

If you missed any of our webinars, don’t worry! You can view all AMA webinars on-demand whenever works best for you. Click an image to start watching.

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